The James R. Booth Memorial Award

This website is dedicated to the memory of Jim Booth. It is intended to commemorate his life and the valiant battle that he waged against ALS, with the loving support of his life-partner, Sandra, and his entire family, with assistance from his friends.

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Jim Booth at work in China

In the fall of 2006, Jim Booth’s former Commerce 1966 classmates at Queen's University decided to establish the James R. Booth Memorial Award as a tribute to their former friend who waged such a courageous battle with ALS. An endowment fund has subsequently been launched by Jim’s Commerce 1966 classmates, in collaboration with his MBA 1967 classmates, his family and friends. The award will be used to support full-time students in the Bachelor of Commerce Program at Queen’s, on the basis of financial need and academic achievement. The endowment Fund will be administered by Queen's University.

This website is sponsored by a former classmate, in consultation with, but independent of, the University. It has been set up to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. to honour Jim’s life and valiant struggle against ALS;
  2. to provide information on the award, including the Terms of Reference, the annual reports, amount donated, list of recipients, link to Queen’s website on endowment policies, etc.;
  3. to provide an insight for Award recipients on who Jim was, so that they will know a little bit about the man who inspired the funds they receive;
  4. to encourage classmates and friends to donate to this endowment fund, perhaps on an ongoing basis;
  5. to provide complete transparency on the endowment fund.

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